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Our blog is now live!

We are extremely proud to announce that Vegan Street now has an active blog where we will be bringing you all the latest news, awesome product reviews, vegan nutritional information, vegan recipes, vegan events and much more. 

Vegan Street is the only online vegan store of its kind and we strive to bring you the highest quality vegan groceries, vegan food and plant based products at a fraction of the usual price, delivered right to your door. Our passion for the vegan lifestyle has resulted in us sourcing a wide variety of awesome products and we continue to update our website with new products continuously. We are so excited that we now have our blog up and running to share even more of the Vegan lifestyle with our awesome followers and customers (YOU – Our Vegan Street Neighbours!)

Mother’s Day

It is very fitting that our first blog post is titled Celebration Time, as it is not only to celebrate our Blog going live, but also to celebrate the special women in our lives, with Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday 10th May 2020.

Mother’s Day of 2020 will possibly go down in history as one of the most unique, due to the current worldwide Covid pandemic. The lockdown in South Africa means that Mother’s Day will be celebrated at home, but perhaps this is just what we need. Treat mom to a relaxing day, give her some time out and enjoy spending family time together. For those who cannot spend Mother’s Day with their moms, it is a great opportunity to phone her and tell her what she means to you, or send her a gift hamper (we have a stunning Vegan Mother’s Day Gift Hamper on our website), or some flowers.

Moms are often likened to superheroes, but now more than ever, moms are taking on numerous duties at home, including teacher, nurse, chef, playmate, fitness instructor and more. Moms are really encompassing that superhero role!

If you are feeling a bit despondent that you cannot take mom (or your wife) out to celebrate, don’t worry too much, here are some great ideas for an incredibly special Mother’s Day at home… she will love whatever you have planned!

Breakfast in bed

 This is always a winner – we are fans of delicious vegan pancakes or waffles with coffee!

Picnic brunch in the garden 

A different take on breakfast in bed, and super fun. You can lay out a picnic blanket and create a little snack platter. For an extra special touch, put out some flowers or get the kids to make a fun paper garland to decorate your picnic area. 

Photo By Melissa

Draw mom pictures and cards

Personal, hand-made gifts are amazing and something that mom will treasure. If you are crafty, you can make a lovely gift out of whatever arts and craft supplies you might have at home.

Handmade “Spa Day” voucher

Treat your mom to a mini spa day at home. Give her a shoulder and back massage, mani-pedi, and top it off with painting her nails. You can also run her a relaxing bath with bubbles, candles and scented bath salts. Trust us, she will love it!

Create a themed vegan lunch or dinner

Pick mom’s favourite vegan food or dream destination and create a themed evening that she will always remember – You can do an Italian evening, Mexican Fiesta, Greek Night or if you are missing take aways, go for homemade vegan street food like burgers, nachos or vegan steak and chips.

Give mom the day off and take care of all the household chores

This one is a no-brainer! Take care of the dishes, sweep and vacuum, do the washing and let her put her feet up.

Mother’s Day is all about appreciating your mom and showing her how special she is, so just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t make it the best Mother’s Day yet!

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