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Tea Of Life – Berry Boost (Kombucha)

Brand: Tea Of Life


Tea Of Life Kombucha is lovingly created from a blend of fermented black & green tea that has been infused with berries. Raw kombucha has probiotics within that may soothe your tummy & aid healthy digestion. Enjoy this naturally carbonated pink drink with its slightly sour & fruity taste.

  • Berry Boost Kombucha is made by fermenting organic green & black tea & natural infusions with a symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast (SCOBY).
  • Drinking kombucha regularly could help to improve your overall health & wellbeing.

Here are the key benefits of drinking this tasty, refreshing beverage:

  • Natural probiotic content improves your digestive health
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Assists with weight loss & detoxing
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves circulation
  • Balances blood sugar; beneficial for diabetics
  • Acts as a liver tonic
  • Helps to relieve conditions like gout, candida & allergies
  • Nourishes your skin from the inside out, for a healthy and clear complexion
  • Offers a healthy alternative to sugary, chemical-laden sodas
  • Tastes great, really refreshing & wonderfully hydrating!

Drinking Kombucha

  • Start off by drinking no more than 100ml per day for the first few days
  • Kombucha is highly detoxifying and drinking too much too soon can cause headaches, nausea and discomfort
  • Drink lots of water to promote the elimination of toxins
  • Increase by 50 – 100ml after a few days depending on how much you need
  • Kombucha is incredibly energizing, so best to drink before 4 – 5 pm if you are sensitive to stimulants or have sleep difficulties
  • Great for when you are feeling physically or mentally fatigued and need an energy boost.

Storage: Keep refrigerated.

Please Note:

  • For an effective kombucha detox, we recommend drinking plenty of water and eating more alkalising foods, while reducing the amount of ordinary tea, coffee refined carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Although kombucha may have positive health benefits it is also very potent; pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before drinking kombucha.

Did you know?

  • Kombucha is known by many other names around the world; including “The Immortality Remedy” in China, “Hero’s Drink” in Russia, and “Champagne of Life” in France!
  • Tea of Life kombucha contains a wealth of beneficial acids, each with its own health-giving properties.
  • Acetic acid has antimicrobial properties and stabilises blood sugar
  • Butyric acid promotes a healthy intestinal lining, and lowers your risk of colon cancer
  • Glucuronic acid has detoxifying properties
  • Gluconic acid is energising
  • L-lactic acid regulates blood pH levels and acts as a natural preservative
  • Usnic acid is a natural antibiotic, that combats viruses
  • Glucosimines help to promote joint health; beneficial for those with arthritis
  • Tea of Life Kombucha is locally, lovingly brewed in Cape Town.

Sugar Content:

  • Although kombucha is made with sugar, this sugar is “digested” by the bacteria and yeast cultures (known as SCOBY) during the fermentation process, so only a trace of the sugar is left in the finished batch.


  • Nett Volume 340 ml


  • Live Enzymes, Organic Green & Black Tea, Berries, Beneficial Yeast & Bacteria, Beneficial Acids: Acetic, Butyric, Glucuronic, Gluconic, L-lactic, Usnic, Glucosimines, Vitamin B, Vitamin C And Folic Acid, Minimal Leftover Cane Sugar From The Fermentation Process, If Any, Polyphenols

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